Introduction to ISO45001

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Safety in the workplace is a key consideration in every organisation. Undertaking the Introduction to ISO45001 Occupational health and safety management system course builds the skills necessary to ensure a safe workplace for all staff and visitors. Knowing how to plan and implement safe workplace procedures and practice is a highly desirable skill in any industry and QMS tailor the course to deliver the knowledge required to help you add value to your organisation.

This introductory course will provide participants with valuable knowledge and understanding of the Occupational health and safety management system standard ISO45001. Your trainer will help to unravel all the terms and principles into plain language that can be used by real people in everyday businesses and organisations.

Course Content

  1. Introduction to management systems
  2. What makes a good safety management system?
  3. ISO45001 Occupational health and safety management systems – A 5 step model for continual improvement in safety
  4. Unpacking the standard
  5. Reducing hazard and risk- a standardised approach
  6. How ISO45001 can help to effectively address WHS legal requirements

A Certificate of Attendance will be issued to all participants upon completion.

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